If you are new to head-covering and need a confidence boost, or if you are thinking about starting, one thing that can help is listing the reasons you are drawn to this practice. Knowing your reasons will also help you explain your choice to those who ask you about it. It can also help you determine what style(s) you choose to wear. For example, if you are especially concerned to conceal your glory, the more hair-revealing styles (such as headbands or hats) may not be the best choice for you. If, on the other hand, your primary goal is simply to remind yourself of God’s presence, you may prefer those styles.

To help you write your own list, I am sharing my top ten reasons below (but in no particular order). Not every woman will have the same priorities, and that’s OK. What is important here is knowing why you choose to do what you do.

  1. 1 Corinthians 11:
    • It’s an Apostolic tradition that has been almost universally observed throughout Christian history until just a few decades ago.
    • To confess and bear witness to God’s created order.
    • To avoid disgracing myself or my earthly head (objectively speaking, whatever anyone actually thinks about it).
  2. To remind me to pray.
  3. To conceal my God-given glory from the eyes of men, because I don’t want to attract a man or call (sexual) attention to myself.
  4. As a sign of repentance for my past attitudes and behaviors.
  5. To remind myself to respect my father’s authority and honor my parents.
  6. To be an example to my son of modesty, so that he will learn to appreciate this trait in women and look for it in his future wife; and to model for him the importance of following Scripture and one’s conscience even when one has to swim against the current of the age.
  7. To remind myself and others that as a Christian, I am called out from the world (that’s what it means to be holy).
  8. To remind myself of God’s presence–both in terms of Law (I should obey His commandments) and Gospel (He is always there to comfort, help, and forgive me).
  9. Perhaps to lead to an opportunity to bear witness to my faith in Christ.
  10. I think it’s beautiful.

What reasons would you add or take away?



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